My passion is working with independent music teachers like you!

Who I am

Deborah Rambo Sinn’s diverse career has taken her around the world. She has given concerts and master classes on four continents and has taught students from more than 14 different countries. She lived in Hamburg Germany for five years where she played concerts and musicals and operated two music studios for coaching and private instruction. 

She holds a doctorate from Indiana University, where she studied with Menahem Pressler (Beaux Arts Trio). She taught at the university level for many years, but currently runs her own music business, Olympic Music School LLC, where teaches.

Dr. Sinn is the author of Playing Beyond the Notes: A Pianist's Guide to Musical Interpretation, published by Oxford University Press in 2013 (10th printing), widely used in music programs across the US and Europe. 

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What I do

I'm an independent music teacher just like you and understand the challenges and joys that come with teaching a multitude of ages, personalities, and abilities. I also understand that teachers can feel isolated, either geographically or through a lack of confidence or knowledge. This is exactly why I started the Underground Conservatory.

I offer lessons in person and online, do private masterclasses (in person) for other teachers and their students, evaluate student videos, tutor theory, and help piano teachers through their certification process. It's my goal to stand in the gap as a trusted mentor who helps guide other teachers towards their professional goals. It's that simple. 

The cost is $60/hour, payable through PayPal.