Why be a nationally certified teacher of music?

Your personal sense of accomplishment is the most important reason for pursuing certification. You will grow in your understanding about music and pedagogy and bring your absolute best to your studio teaching in a positive and lasting way.

You can say to potential students that you are a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music as you point to the certificate on your wall. As a certified teacher, you are positioned to raise your studio tuition rates and your contact information will be available to potential students on the Music Teachers National Association's (MTNA) website.

You do have a choice! You can simply “tick off the boxes” as you go through the certification process, or…

You can grab this opportunity with both hands to:

  • develop a deeper understanding of music
  • expand your vision of your teaching studio 
  • improve your own playing
  • AND – become certified!

Here's where I come in

I'm not the government, but I'm here to help!

Maybe you have thought about pursuing national certification, but have hesitated because you do not have someone to help you through the process. That is where I can facilitate your journey! 

The Underground Conservatory works on a flipped learning model, meaning that you will do the majority of work on your own. The cost to you is low because I will optimize your time by structuring a program that allows you to be in touch only as you need.

I will work with you to design a unique program, especially for you and your needs, by helping you assess your strengths and by determining the places where you may need extra help. The assessment is free!

I will hold you accountable to a schedule of tasks so that you meet the deadlines set by the MTNA certification process.

Free general help can be found through MTNA’s state certification chairs. I invite you to find yours by clicking here, so you can compare services and credentials to determine which program best suits your needs.